During the 2020-21 school year our goal is to continue to run a robust athletics program. The health and safety of our students is our utmost priority. We will follow the guidelines set by the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF), North Coast Section (NCS), and Alameda County Public Health Department (ACPH). 
As of this letter, Friday, January 29 North Coast Section (NCS) created an avenue to start high school athletics as soon as February 8. The California Interscholastic Federation and NCS have canceled all post-season playoffs and tournaments. They have given each league the autonomy to determine their own sports seasons based on the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) youth sports guidelines. CDPH is going to allow competition for specific sports based on the county tiered system. Given this exciting news, the BCL-East has proposed the following sports calendar. This schedule is tentative and is waiting for final approval from the BCL-East Board of Governors and NCS. We should know by Friday, February 5.  
SEASON ONE: February 8 - March 19, 6 weeks of competition
Cross Country
Coed Golf
Girls Tennis
SEASON TWO: March 15- April 30, 7 weeks of competition
Track and Field
Boys Tennis
Boys & Girls Volleyball
SEASON THREE: April 19 - May 29, 6 weeks of competition
Boys & Girls Swimming
Boys & Girls Soccer
Boys & Girls Basketball
We understand that this year is unique and our focus for this schedule is to give each sport the best opportunity to compete. The seasons will be short, and games will be played only within the BCL-East league.
Those sports currently working out will need to end their workouts next week. Once NCS declares a start of sports, we can no longer follow summer rules, and only those teams in season can practice/workout. Cross Country will be allowed to continue as their season is expected to start on February 8.
We are excited about the possibility of starting sports as early as February 8. This new sports schedule and following CDPH youth sports guidelines will pose a wide range of challenges for all involved with College Prep athletics. Before you decide on joining a College Prep interscholastic team, I want to be clear about the challenges we foresee and how they may affect athletes and families.
Choosing between College Prep and Club Teams: According to the new youth sports guidelines provided by CDPH, athletes cannot play on a club team and high school team simultaneously. Athletes, unfortunately, need to make a choice. For those concerned about RHF credit, any student who decides to stick with their club team can earn credits through an adapted OAR program. We will provide details to those who wish to choose this option.
Transportation: With COVID-19 guidelines, it is impractical to use school vans due to the limited number of team members permitted per van. Until restrictions are lifted, families will be responsible for transporting athletes to and from practices and games. We will also seek parental permission for any athlete that wishes to drive themselves to games and practices. No carpooling is allowed.
COVID-19 Testing: All athletes and coaches will be required to have a negative test before starting a season. Each athlete and coach will be tested weekly.
Varied and Limited Practice Schedules: Due to the increasing demand for shared facilities and lack of transportation options, we may limit practice time at a field or facility. For example, programs like soccer will still practice five days a week, but they may not go to the field every day.
Games over Spring Break: Track & Field, Boys Tennis, Baseball, Softball, and Boys & Girls Volleyball will play a portion of their season over spring break. We will do our best to massage schedules. Please be available from April 5 - April 9.
More Saturday Contests: Due to limited facility availability, abbreviated seasons, and lack of transportation, we can expect more Saturday contests.
For those sports that may start as early as February 8, we will be reaching out to athletes and families to prepare for a season. Initially, we will be focused on getting everyone COVID-19 tested and cleared to play. Testing will start next week with hopes of us starting practices on February 8.

Once again, we are excited about the possibility of our athletic teams competing this spring. I greatly appreciate your patience and flexibility as we transition back to competitive athletics. Our goal is to provide a safe and fun experience for all of our student-athletes.
Thanks again. Go Cougars!
Duane McNeil
Athletic Director

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