Cougars in College

Many of our Cougars go on to play sports in college, here are a few:

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  • Class of 2018

    Sophia Durney, Yale, Sailing
    Carly Harris, Bates College, Cross Country
    Holly Lawrence, Washington University in St. Louis, Track & Field
    Alex Lin, Cornell University, Golf
    , Lafayette College, Swimming
    Jason Sun, Princeton University, Crew
    Logan Vawter, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Lacrosse
    Christian Dawkins, Dartmouth College, Rugby
  • Class of 2017

    Ethan Ashby, Pomona College, Cross Country/Track
    Sarah Billings, Smith College, Swimming
    Brianna Bourne
    , Williams College, Cross Country/Track
    Katherine Cane, Dartmouth College, Swimming
    Grant Fairbairn, Harvard University, Golf
    Annalisa Pines, University of Notre Dame, Rowing
    Ava Podell, Amherst College, Track
    Zach Salsburg-Frank, McGill University, Baseball
    Arif Zamil, Macalester College, Baseball
    Maya Zimmerman, Swarthmore College, Cross Country
  • Class of 2016

    Alexander Glavin, Johns Hopkins University, Cross Country/Track
    Daiana Takeshima, Williams College, Volleyball
    Eleonore Moser, Swarthmore College, Soccer, Basketball
    Jane Buckley, Yale University, Soccer
    Lorna McElrath, Dartmouth College, Soccer
    Julia Fay, CalTech, Volleyball
    Noah Jacobs, Amherst College, Swimming
    Huma Dadachanji, Bowdoin CollegeIndoor/Outdoor Track
    Zane Johann, Carlton College, Baseball

  • Class of 2015

    Tris Dodge, Carleton College, Cross Country/Track
    Arjun Sharma, Northwestern University, Swimming
    Robert Eppley, Swarthmore College, Indoor/Outdoor Track
    Colin Pillsbury, Swarthmore College, Indoor/Outdoor Track
    Trenton Shore, Amherst College, Lacrosse
    Molly Pines, Amherst College, Swimming
    Ryan Corley, Bates College, Indoor/Outdoor Track
    Matthew Lennon, Williams College, Swimming
    George Stoica, Carnegie Mellon University, Indoor/Outdoor Track
    Paul CaneDartmouth College, Swimming
  • Class of 2014

    Talbot Jacobs, Brown University, Swimming
    Helen Stroheker, Stanford University, Rowing
    Alex Clemens, Claremont McKenna College, Baseball
    Ben Wilson, MacAlester College, Tennis
    Jordan Owyoung, UC Davis, Swimming
    Hannah Soltz, Carnegie Mellon University, Swimming
    Matt Park, Stanford University, Rowing
    Sam Kreisberg, Oberlin College, Basketball
    Kelsey Anderson, Umass/Amherst, Rowing
    Julia Fraenkel, Washington Univ at Saint Louis, Track
    Harrison Haigood, Amherst College, Track
    Kemi Oladipo, Swarthmore College, Basketball
    Lena Patel, Duke University, Rowing
  • Class of 2013

    Amanda Glavin, Haverford College, Cross Country/Track
    Claire Shellem, Occidential University, Cross Country
    Emma Eppley, Swarthmore College, Volleyball/Swimming
    Nina Fairbairn, Harvard University, Golf
    Charlie Fineman, Hamilton College, Basketball
    Sae Hee Lee, Carleton College, Cross Country/Swimming
    Brian Lin, Johns Hopkins University, Baseball
    Rebecca Mayeda, Swarthmore College, Soccer
    Jack Mitchell, Bowdoin College, Cross Country/Track
    Justin Nathan, Carleton College, Cross Country/Track
    Bianca Rescalvo, Tufts University, Track
    Dina Blanter, Williams College, Track
    Adrian Costantino, CalTech, Soccer
  • Class of 2012

    Sam Engs, University of Pennsylvania, Soccer
    Emma Vinella-Brusher, Carleton College, Cross Country
    Julia Moradian, Tufts University, Volleyball
    Wyatt McCall, Swarthmore College, Soccer
    Brittany Presten, Stanford University, Rowing
    Sarah Trutner, Oberlin College, Cross Country/Track
    Dryden Bouamalay, CalTech, Track
    Alex Chiang, Swarthmore College, Baseball
  • Class of 2011

    Adrienne Strait, Williams College, Cross Country/Track
    Julian Compagni-Portis, Wesleyan University, Cross Country/Track
    Ben Levy, Carleton College, Cross Country/Track
    Juliana Goodbar, Tufts University, Volleyball
    Ryan Guerrero-Moreno, Swarthmore College, Swimming
    Rourke Healey, Occidental College, Baseball
    Gina Kabasalakis, Carleton College, Golf
    Taro Takigawa, MacAlester, Soccer
  • Class of 2010

    Sarah Eppley, Swarthmore College, Cross Country/Swimming
    Tim Hunt, Bowdoin College, Cross Country
    Jenny Hu, Tufts University, Swimming
    Micaela Hahn, Carleton College, Swimming
    Zoe Oliver Grey, University of Chicago, Softball
  • Class of 2009

    Charlie Sauter, Occidental College, Cross Country
    Hayley Gandsey, Occidental College, Lacrosse
    Zhong Ming Chen, Cornell University, Tennis
    John Williams, Colby College, Cross Country/Track
    Emily Chen, MIT, Rowing
    Cat Truesdell, US Coast Guard, Cross Country/Track
    Mark Thomson, MacAlester College, Golf
    Matt Peterson, Dartmouth College, Baseball
    Barbara Barnes, Stanford University, Rowing
    Michelle Call, Swarthmore College, Swimming
    Alice Wong, Swarthmore College, Swimming
    Charlie Kistler, Whitman College, Lacrosse
  • Class of 2008

    Caroline Godfrey, Dartmouth College, Rowing
    Casey Knudsen, Middlebury College, Cross Country
    Jamie Lawrence, Wesleyan University, Cross Country
    Gabe Feingold, MacAlester, Baseball
  • Class of 2007

    Matthew Katz, Wesleyan University, Cross Country
    Mia Kabasakalis, Harvard University, Golf
    Jim Klein, Carleton College, Baseball
    Justine Chia, CalTech, Swimming/Track
    Colin Hanna, Princeton University, Swimming
    Joanna Schimmell, Brown University, Softball
  • Class of 2006

    Ariel Frost, Princeton University, Rowing
    Noah Bruegmann, Harvard University, Rowing
    Zoe Balance, Yale University, Rowing
    Wiley Archibald, Swarthmore College, Baseball
  • Class of 2005

    Travis Townsend, Colby College, Swimming
    Alex Holey, Oberlin College, Swimming
    Caitlin Krier, Pomona College, Swimming
    Jenny Lawrence, Colby College, Volleyball
    Aron Feingold, Carleton College, Softball
    Keven Kooi, Swarthmore College, Baseball
    Nick Orton, Swarthmore College, Baseball
    Derek Tam-Scott, Tufts University, Track
    Maisie Clark, Harvard University, Volleyball
  • Class of 2004

    Laura Mahon, Harvard University, Volleyball
    Amelia Schimmel, Brandeis University, Softball
    Kevin Williams, Claremont McKenna College, Baseball
    Virgina Tice, Swarthmore College, Cross Country/Track
    Katie Fisher, Middlebury College, Basketball
    Zarinah Blockton, Purdue University, Soccer
  • Class of 2003

    Daniel Fisher, Amherst College, Basketball/Track
    Robert Desimone, Northern Michigan, Golf
    Breen Barnes, Georgetown University, Rowing
    Andrew Nguyen, New York University, Cross Country
    Hector Rosekrans, US Naval Academy, Rowing
  • Class of 2002

    Rebecca Reingold, Middlebury College, Swimming
    Lindsey Dolich, Haverford College, Soccer
    Caryn Dolich, Haverford College, Soccer
    Jacked Edwards, Middlebury College, Volleyball
    Erin Chong, Williams College, Volleyball
    Kirsten Lundgren, Middlebury College, Cross Country
    Claire Lande, Wesleyan University, Cross Country
    Briana Willford, UC Santa Cruz, Volleyball
  • Class of 2001

    Russ Latham, Bates College, Cross Country/Swimming
    Jared Liederman, Swarthmore College, Baseball
    Ricky Tydus, MIT, Baseball
    Dave Pederson, Pomona College, Volleyball
  • Class of 2000

    Natalie Miller, Harvard University, Volleyball
    Sam Arons, Williams College, Cross Country
    Kendra Olivieri, Smith College, Soccer
    John Hertzer, Dartmouth College, Rowing
  • Class of 1999-1993

    Cory Dolich, Tufts University, Baseball
    Katherine Saxton, Brown University, Cross Country/Soccer
    Lisa Ferrier, University of Washington, Volleyball
    Brett Mathes, Dartmouth College, Cross Country
    Morgan Eckles, Williams College, Cross Country
    Sarah Pederson, Harvard University, Volleyball
    Mike Miller, Pomona College, Cross Country
    Michelle Grossman, Columbia University, Volleyball
    Jordan Schultz, University of Iowa, Volleyball
    Gina Rafanelli, Stanford University, Soccer
    Alison McKinley, Dartmouth College, Volleyball
    Mike Tonsing, Georgetown, Baseball
    Nadim Said, University of Arizona, Baseball
  • Class of 1984-1973

    Laura Grunbaum, MIT, Rowing/Soccer
    Monica Bradley, UC San Diego, Volleyball
    Alex Mobley, College of William and Mary, Volleyball
    Jim Cole, Stanford University, Soccer
    Joel Barnett, Sonoma State, Soccer
    Duncan Campbell, UC San Diego, Soccer
    Spreck Rosekrans, UC San Diego, Basketball

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    Duane McNeil 

    Director of Athletics / Head Coach Varsity Baseball
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    Monica Lyman 83

    Associate Director of Athletics / Head Coach Girls Basketball and JV Volleyball
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    Godwin Odiye 

    RHF Teacher & Head Coach Boys and Girls Soccer
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    Kiet Tran 

    Director of Recreation, Health, and Fitness
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