The College Prep Athletic Department promotes the lifelong values of sportsmanship, integrity, commitment, personal responsibility, teamwork, and self-discipline.
High school is a period of tremendous physical and emotional growth. The Athletic department’s sound body/sound mind philosophy promotes strength, resilience, and enjoyment through fitness and movement, developing athletic skills, making exercise fun, and celebrating balanced lifestyles.

College Prep’s athletic program offers something for everyone—experienced athletes and beginners alike. More than 100 former College Prep athletes have gone on to play college sports while scores of students have discovered the joy, camaraderie, and pride of team sports for the first time.

Our athletic program fields 23 interscholastic teams across 10 sports that compete in the Bay County League East. The majority of our students join at least one team per year and many choose to play during multiple seasons. Since 2010, College Prep teams have won 69 league titles and have been finalists in 20 North Coast Section championships. Our core values of sportsmanship and integrity have led College Prep to win our league’s sportsmanship award in five of the last fourteen years.
In a typical year, we offer the opportunity to compete in a wide variety of sports:

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  • Automne

    Cross Country (Co-ed)
    Soccer (Boys)
    Tennis (Girls)
    Volleyball (Girls)
  • Hiver

    Basketball (Boys)
    Basketball (Girls)
    Soccer (Girls)
  • Printemps

    Baseball (Boys)
    Golf (Coed)
    Softball (Girls)
    Swimming (Co-ed)
    Tennis (Boys)
    Track & Field (Co-ed)
    Volleyball (Boys)
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Personnel d'athlétisme

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  • Photo de Duane McNeil

    Duane McNeil

    Director of Athletics / Head Coach Varsity Baseball
    510-652-0111 x243
  • Photo of Monica Lyman

    Monica Lyman 83

    Directeur associé de l'athlétisme / Entraîneur principal de basket-ball féminin et de volley-ball de l'entreprise commune
    510-652-0111 x264
  • Photo de Godwin Odiye

    Godwin Odiye

    RHF Enseignant et entraîneur principal de football pour garçons et filles
    510-652-0111 x242
  • Photo de Kiet Tran

    Kiet Tran

    Directeur des loisirs, de la santé et de la condition physique
    510-652-0111 x242

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