College Prep offers a one-night grade-level retreat for each class with a developmentally appropriate theme that is explored through discussion, games, and challenge-based activities. 

Freshman Retreat

Ninth graders travel to the C.Y.O campsite in Occidental, California for two days and one night of retreat fun! The goal is to encourage class bonding and ease the transition into the College Prep community. Our senior mentors, part of the student leadership program, are trained to organize and co-lead the retreat with the support of a few key faculty members. Activities include community-building, relay races, group games, and more!

Sophomore Retreat

Sophomore retreat focuses on growing-up, self-esteem, and making wise and safe decisions. We explore these and other topics through our senior leader-led small group discussions. These themes become action steps as we all raft down the challenging and picturesque American River.

Junior Retreat

Junior retreat extends the comfort zone of the students, and is an exercise in leadership training. In addition to extensive group discussion and activities, there is an outdoor high-low ropes course. The course is a series of 'events' consisting of ropes, cables, logs, and platforms set up 6 inches to 60 feet off the ground. "The course is designed to create situations that promote an increased sense of confidence and a heightened appreciation of the effectiveness a team can create." (Pro-Action Learning).

Senior Retreat

The Senior Retreat convenes at the beautiful Westerbeke Ranch in Sonoma, California. During this relaxed retreat, our seniors discuss life after Prep and their hopes for the future.  We also have time to reflect on past College Prep experiences through shared memories, stories, and a "look-back" video presentation.

mens conscia recti

a mind aware of what is right