Bienvenue à l'Association des parents d'élèves de l'enseignement supérieur !
Dear College Prep Parents and Guardians, 
We are delighted to welcome you to the College Prep Parents' Association (PA). The PA is here to help facilitate parent communication, cooperation, and involvement; promote a strong sense of community; and support the school's mission, programs, and activities. As College Prep parents and guardians, you are all members of the PA and are encouraged to get involved in any way that meets your interests and fits your schedule. By attending a meeting, joining a committee, or working at an event, you will meet fellow parents and contribute to the larger Prep community. 
I welcome your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions and look forward to getting to know you! 

With warm regards,
Emma Bufton (George '25)
PA President, 2023-24

Parents' Association Committees

All Prep parents and guardians are part of the Parents' Association. The purpose of the PA is to help facilitate parent communication, cooperation, and involvement; promote a strong sense of community; and support the school's mission, programs, and activities.

List of 5 items.

  • Bookfair

    The Parent's Association Book Fair invites book lovers to roam through thousands of books (and some
    media) for all ages. Visitors can choose from a large selection of recent and high quality works, as well as some antique and vintage books at terrific bargain prices. There is truly something for everyone at this sale. The Book Fair Chairs are responsible for the planning and implementation of the Book Fair, traditionally held in March. The chairs work with the PA President and School to schedule the Book Fair and publicize and promote the Book Fair through writing notices in the PrepWeekly, community newspapers, if possible, and posting signs in strategic areas such as in Montclair and in front of the school. Volunteers help to sort books into appropriate categories and set up and clean up the event in the spring.
  • Equity and Belonging Committee (PAEBC)

    PAEBC is an opportunity for parents to lead and engage our community through an equity and inclusion practice to ensure a joyful, kind, diverse, and creative community for all through bias management, cultural competence, and service leadership. PAEBC leaders are intellectually adventurous, ethically sure-footed, and generous of heart and spirit as they model appreciation for others and give generously of heart and spirit to collaborate with the community to support College Prep’s mission, philosophy, and vision.
    • Offrir à la communauté des possibilités d'équité et d'inclusion inspirées par les parents
    • Collaborer avec les étudiants, les parents et les éducateurs pour inspirer et responsabiliser une communauté inclusive et équitable
    • Établir des partenariats avec des organisations qui s'alignent sur leur mission afin d'inspirer et de renforcer une communauté inclusive et équitable
    • Créer des programmes qui inspirent les gens et leur donnent les moyens de construire des communautés aimables, créatives, diverses et joyeuses
    Parent volunteers collaborate with the Dean of Equity and Belonging to develop offerings and programs for the community that inspire and empower people to practice bias management, cultural competence, and leadership through service.
  • Holiday Careboxes

    Halloween and Valentine's Day Care Packages are a fun College Prep tradition! Every year the Parents' Association sells Care Boxes full of homemade cookies, candies, assorted teas, cocoa, and fun non-food holiday items. We will ship your box in plenty of time to be delivered by Halloween or Valentine's Day. The chair(s) for the Care Boxes are responsible for the planning, development and implementation of this fund-raiser at Halloween and Valentine’s Day. The boxes include cookies and fun holiday items that are ordered by parents or past parents to be sent to college students or friends.
  • Hospitality

    The Hospitality Coordinators are responsible for the refreshments served at every Parents’ Association meeting and Live Talk meeting. The Hospitality Coordinators attend the monthly Parents’ Association meetings and arrive early to help set up the refreshments and ensure there are supplies needed for school events.
  • Série de conférences "LiveTalk

    The LiveTalk Chair(s) are responsible for the planning, development and implementation of the College Prep Lecture Series called LiveTalk. The LiveTalk Chair(s) identify and invite speakers to participate in the lecture series, coordinate with College Prep staff and the PA President to determine appropriate calendar dates for the lectures, plan, develop, publicize, and organize volunteers for the lectures.

List of 5 items.

  • Récompenses pour les commerçants

    The Merchant Rewards Coordinators publicize and promote parents’ use of merchants who provide rewards to the College Prep PA, and educate the College Prep community about the merchant rewards program and how to use it. Ideas to do so include occasional informational presentations, making sure information on the website is up to date, and creating flyers and other informational literature to share Tracks e-Scrip and merchant rewards earned, and reconciles them with the Treasurer’s record of automated bank deposits monthly.
  • Nominating and Volunteer Coordinators

    The Nominating and Volunteer Coordinators are responsible for filling the roster of PA positions. The Coordinators encourage engagement in Parents’ Association activities from among parents and guardians within the community, get to know the members of our community to help ascertain interest in and experience with PA positions, and advertise open positions in PrepWeekly. Coordinators also invite parents and guardians to serve in PA positions, handle changeover issues and positions during the year, and finalize the roster for the coming year and provide it to the Executive Committee.
  • Parent Class Representatives

    Class Reps plan, organize, and run activities each year for their grade-level parents and guardians in coordination with the PA Executive Committee and College Prep Staff. Some events vary by year, but all include ways to engage parents, create community, and encourage parent involvement in the PA. Events Class Reps oversee or help coordinate include morning coffees, book clubs, and walks or bike rides. 
    Grade-specific events for which class reps are responsible include: 
    • 9th grade: 9th Grade Parent Coffee (after retreat drop-off), 9th Grade Fall Potluck
    • 10th grade: Back-to-School Day buffet and coffee
    • 11th grade: 11th Grade Family Spring Picnic, Graduation Reception and event support
    • 12th grade: Admission event support, Senior Appreciation event organization, Faculty and Staff Appreciation
  • Spring Benefit

    Volunteers work together to come up with the annual theme and decor for this main fundraising event. There are many sub committees available for this event including solicitation, decor, party boards, silent auction, live auction, event night help, and leadership.
  • Summer Community Gatherings

    The Summer Community Gatherings Coordinators are responsible for the planning and implementation of the annual August Community Gatherings by finding hosts for these parties, sending announcements, and aiding the hosts as needed. The coordinators identify geographic areas for approximately 5 parties and find hosts for these parties at the beginning of the summer, preferably before the end of the school year. Volunteers contact families in the different Zip Codes by flyers (designed by the coordinators) and/or by e-mails and calls to the families to welcome them and encourage them to come. This is a great opportunity to meet other CPS families and to perhaps arrange car pools.

Get Involved!

Join the ranks of committed families who engage in our College Prep community. Whatever your talents and interests, there is a place for you. Your participation and efforts are deeply appreciated by the school community!

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