2022-23 Daily Schedule

The 2022-23 Daily Schedule is designed for five-day a week in person school on campus, and will also work well should we need to pivot to distance or hybrid learning. Best characterized as a block schedule, it has the following distinctive features:
  • 8 Blocks on a Four Day Rotation: In addition to five “solid” academic classes, students are scheduled into a mix of arts classes, quarter-unit electives, Compass programming, and RHF. We encourage students to use unscheduled blocks to meet with teachers, converse with friends, or get ahead on their homework, freeing up their evenings and cultivating balance in their lives.
  • Community Block: Four days a week, a block adjacent to lunch will be used for community programming or self-directed “open” time. Meetings can be scheduled into these “open” periods, as well as lunch
  • Early Dismissal Wednesdays: All days begin at 8:25 am. Every Tuesday features an early 2:30 pm dismissal and no Community Block.

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